Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Post-marital syndrome ?

Previously, I brought the subject of family name-first name because I was about to get to a family name. It was done last Saturday, April 12th 2008 at 11.OO a.m., in Paris 15th's city hall. As we have decided that it was only paper-work and not the "real" wedding, we only had close family of my from-now-on-husband and our witnesses.

We had a wonderful time with our restricted "commitee". A surprise visit from a friend at the city hall, an awfully nice photo session with our photograph, now becoming one of our friends, and... flowers. Lots of white flowers. And then it was time for a wonderful lunch, almost to perfection, that my particularly difficult-to-please family-in-law did not say a single word of critics. True that the bill was a bit hard to swallow but nevertheless it was worth it !

I still wake up this week with our appartment in white, filled with white roses and orchids everywhere. All this fairy tale bridal atmosphere makes it so difficult to tell my brain that the party is over and to stop being dreamy. Perhaps it is also what drives my newly-appointed husband so charming and kind and gentle. Just like... a newly maried man. I just hope that this will be an "ever-after" even after I'll trash the dead flowers.


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