Saturday, April 23, 2005


Most of my female classmates consider me one of the luckiest girls in class for having a super-geek boyfriend. They are right, about the super-geek title he deserves, but not about being lucky.

Today, for example, I am not lucky at all for having this super-geek behind my back while I was working. He literally scolded me at any first stroke I made on my computer keyboard. He did not even bother to hear my explication on why I do this and why I do that on my work. Even a genius can not understand every single thing that exists on Earth, he after all is not a God. Least of all, he can not possibly read every mind!

After a few attempts, I gave up my intention to work on my project because I exploded in anger. Exactly like... right now.

Big head, big brain but even bigger ego, and big pride!

It is a good thing that my super-geek introduced me to the wonderful world of blog because now I can let the whole world read this. A revenge, yes!


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