Friday, April 22, 2005

Baby boom

At almost 28 years old -I have to emphasize it because I still have at least 2 weeks left before my birthday- it is so common to have nephews and nieces but I was nevertheless so excited at this idea when my brother who got married last year announced it proudly over the phone. I still find it hard to believe, not for having a nephew or a niece since physically there is nothing miraculous about making a baby for couples in their early-30's, but for being an aunt. I mean, me, an aunt!

A couple of weeks later, one of my best friends called to tell me that she is pregnant. She got married equally last year. We did our cry of joy etc and at the same time my brain started to work it out. A extraordinary coincidence but nothing impossible.

The chain gets bigger by the time I write this post. I heard that another friend from school, married last year of course, is 2-month pregnant. But my biggest surprise was to hear that two other couples who, despite of their radical declaration of not having children ever in their life, announced an upcoming baby at their turn.

So married people decided to have babies, and what? And nothing, just the exact timing chosen by everyone seems to confuse me and being a logical person I do not like it when I can not explain certain things. If there is one thing I learn, it is not to say never.


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