Friday, May 30, 2008

Twilight zone

(Last) saturday morning. We were tired. Wedding things monopolyzing our time and even our sleep - at least mine - and works have been quite a nightmare these days. We were not really in the mood of doing house cleaning but after cancelling it for 3 weeks for many many reasons - trip back to Alsatia for the wedding preparation, rendez-vous, etc. - it was about time to do it, like it or not. My husband being a great enemy of house clean-ups, was in the least enthousiastic about it. I have passed through my okay-I-will-do-it-myself-for-the-sake-of-peace the day I knew that I would not survive doing everything myself and having a full-time job. It was out of the question that I would volunteer and endure the pain myself. We are married for the good times and the bad times.

At one point, my husband was irritated and he started saying ridiculous things. I got fed up of his I-know-everything-better-than-anyone attitude. I do not remember anymore how we got into the discussion but it was... surrealistic. We were debating, or I think hysterical quarrel is a more appropriate term - well okay I was the one who got a bit hysteric - on the definition of the term à la fin, French word for at the end.

I said that à la fin is the final point of something. He insisted that à la fin is sort of grey zone before the final point of something with indefinite length.

After an hour of endless shouting out at each other, my husband tripped over by saying that when someone told him that John's house is at the end of the street, being not sure where it is - he insisted again here that the end is an indefinite grey zone - then he will go to the end of the street and then walk the path back until he finds John's. There I got him. What is the end of the street?

So, our marriage's first quarrel was a logic exercice, not bad to tell to our grand children.


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