Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Geek pride

Our top set box, called SomeBox - the sole appareil in the heart of a home for a geek to survive - providing us with television programs, unlimited local phone calls, and unlimited internet connection, broke down. At least partially. We could not make calls.

My geek husband called the service provider this morning while we were having our breakfast. After a few attempts doing what the hotliner instructed him to do, which he doubted so much since he made signs of "I think the guy is telling me craps", in vain he finally found out that he was plugging a cable in the wrong plug! Then it worked. I think he really felt silly and could not swallow it. A couple of minutes later he was bla-bla-ing the hotline guy over the phone without of course mentioning his dumb mistake. It was most probably a diversion strategy knowing how huge his geek pride is.


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