Monday, April 28, 2008

Royal Pastry

Stohrer - Official pastry chef of Louis XV's polish wife, originating from Wissembourg in Alsatia, continues to make incomparably delicious pastries for Parisians since 1730 in exactly the same kitchen and sells them in exactly the same boutique!

We had a stroll last Saturday afternoon in Paris 2nd quarter and passed in front of Stohrer's where I just could not resist to stop by their windows decorated by awfully mouth-watering desserts. I was not really hungry, in fact quite full from our late lunch, but the view was nourishing me. As for my husband, I could not stop him from going inside the shop. He spent 5 whole minutes to make up his mind, everything looking so tasty, before finally settled for an "Ali Baba", one of the house's specialities, sort of brioche dipped completely in rhum and garnished with pastry cream which my husband boasted later as the best he has ever tasted in his whole life.


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