Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Web Rank

We had a (loooooooong) coffee time with our wedding photograph, that I mentionned sometime ago, yesterday evening. It was a web-rank-geek-things session where we, or should I say him and my husband, tried to boost up his website rank on google search.

I take things more on the practical side as I noticed during all the hushy bussy of our wedding organization that most women - that means the wedding organizer, since men do not give much attention to all the small unimportant stuffs in a wedding - have a blog documenting all the things we are doing, testing, and choosing to have that one perfect day. This information, according to my experience, is much more valuable and reliable than those provided by companies and services that I feel unfortunately got involved more and more in some sort of a big-mafia-family of the very money-making wedding business. At least that is what happens in France.

I have never given any links or clues on what I tested or chose but after giving a thought I figure why not. Yes, I would give out excellent references for those who need ones! As a premiere, this is our wedding photograph whose work has satisfied us VERY much and that we won't hesitate to advise anyone who ask.


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