Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 Good Reasons Not To Stay In A (Cheap) Hostel in Scotland

And then there are also these 10 good reasons not to stay in a hostel, bunkhouse, and such:
  1. It IS cheap so you will get the minimal set for survival and nothing more - this means NO service
  2. You get thin small bed, and if you are lucky a thin small pillow, that gives you a back ache when you wake up the next morning
  3. You get, in 80% of cases, bunk beds - if you get to sleep above then you have to find a way not to change your position or else risk falling and break your neck while sleeping
  4. You share toilets with strangers - if you are lucky enough to have a clean keeper then you are saved but then you still have to be able to find your way half sleeping in the middle of the night
  5. You share tiny 1sqm showers with strangers - sharing does not mean taking shower together - that makes dressing inside it without wetting half of what you are trying to put on literally impossible
  6. You have to share a kitchen with strangers, some of which do not realize that they are staying in a hostel or such and that there is no in-house cleaner at their service
  7. You have to tolerate noises - if you are the kind of person who is able to sleep with a vacuum cleaner on next by then you have nothing to worry about snoring neighbours
  8. You have to organize everything you possibly need in advance (soap, towel, food, ...) or else you will have to go far to get it since hostels and such - at least in Scotland- are usually far from civilization
  9. You have to share a dorm - have faith in God that you are not sharing a room with a psychopath and risk your life while sleeping
  10. You use dishes cleaned up by others - have faith in God that they have really been washed and do not contain any trace of poisonous substances


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