Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10 Good Reasons To Stay In A (Cheap) Hostel in Scotland

Here are the 10 good reasons to stay in a (cheap) hostel, bunkhouse, and such:
  1. It is CHEAP
  2. You get the most strategic positions and the nicest view - and if you are lucky even from your bedroom's window
  3. You can save money by cooking or "cooking" your own food
  4. You can save more by making your own teas and coffees
  5. You meet (mostly) nice friendly people instead of snob obnoxious ones you frequently have as hotel room-neighbours
  6. You can save even more for internet connection, it is cheaper than in internet caf├ęs or hotels
  7. You can save even even more when cleaning your clothes
  8. You are not treated as living wallets since they know you are just penniless tourists trying to make the most of your money
  9. Everyone who is nice with you, at least at the hostel or bunkhouse and such, is sincere!
  10. There is a nice kind of solidarity-between-poors atmosphere


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